Meet Chris

Chris is the driving force behind My Ultimate 4WD! Chris was a 4WD fanatic long before he had a license to drive! At the age of 7 his family bought a Land Cruiser and became heavily involved in the Sydney 4WD scene. 4WDing soon became a passion for Chris, later working part time on his own design and fabrication business, producing custom 4WD parts, before becoming a writer for several 4WD and outdoor adventure magazines.

Chris has a passion for the outdoors and spends his leisure time camping, bike riding and off-road driving. He enjoys leading an active lifestyle and bores easily from routine.

The core purpose of Chris is to serve the 4WD community. The idea for My Ultimate 4WD stemmed from Chris’ own experience and frustration with customisations – parts not fitting correctly, poor quality products and the end result not looking good on the vehicle. Many of these modifications would not have been done without greater foresight into the end result.

These frustrations are experienced by most 4WD enthusiasts, presenting a true market need for a new way of customising 4 wheel drives: a way for people to immediately visualise what different features on their 4-wheel drive would look and to remove uncertainty and frustration from the 4WD driving community.