Welcome to My Ultimate 4WD
A new app for 4WD Enthusiasts

Customise and create YOUR ultimate 4WD in a fun and interactive way.

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How it Works

1. Take a photo

Take a photo of your 4WD in the app.

2. Modify your 4WD

Add parts and accessories from the app toolbox to customise your vehicle in real time!

3. Create & Share

Once you've created YOUR Ultimate 4WD, share it on social media to see what your friends think.

4. Shop online

Make your Ultimate 4WD a reality! You can easily purchase the parts and accessories through our online store.

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Created by REAL 4WD Enthusiasts

Chris is a 4WD enthusiast and has been involved in Australia’s 4WD scene for over 10 years. Find out how the idea of My Ultimate 4WD stemmed from his own experiences.

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